Wheels for BMW’s make the biggest driving characteristics difference, which makes locating the precise fit and design you are looking for much more important. The contact patch for your Rims on your BMW, the weight of the wheels on your BMW and even the design of the wheels on your Bimmer can make a tremendous driving and appearance change on your German driving machine. Functions of braking, handling, design and function are all related to a nice upgraded wheel package for your BMW. All sports packages which come from BMW upgrade your wheels to a plus size package that goes in many cases, 1-2 inches above what the standard package comes with. Why is this? Handling, power delivery and braking contact patch advancements are all improved by this transformation. 

Our staff at www.bimmerpartswheels.com is committed to ensuring you get the best advice when it comes time to upgrade your BMW wheels. Incorrect fitment on rims for your BMW will create vibrations in the cabin, make driving more dangerous and also degrade the vehicle’s resale value. However, with so many options available, procuring a partner which is as knowledgeable and enthusiastic about Bimmer’s as you can sometimes be the most difficult aspect in finding the perfect set of shoes for your car. The fit and finish of all our wheels meets or exceeds any OE, OEM or aftermarket manufacturer specifications. With multiple designs of performance wheels for your BMW, we are sure to have a set of rims that will morph your truck or car into a show stopper. Ranging in size from 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22 or 24 inch wheels for your BMW, you can go as small or large as you want in a set of replacement the best designed rims for your Bavarian automobile. 
We also stock all major finishes of wheels for your German vehicle. These finishes consist of our most popular Silver wheels, but also Gunmetal, Black, and Chrome wheels for your BMW as well. With many finishes to choose from you can rest assured finding that exact look to set your Bimmer apart from the rest of the pack. The aggressive look your car or truck will receive from a high quality set of aluminum wheels in one of many recognizable designs we sell for your BMW can elevate even the lowliest model into a performance powerhouse. Make the best investment you possibly can for the overall look, feel and functionality of your purebred Deutsch Bimmer.            

BimmerPartsWheels wheels meet or exceed every industry standard, including TUV, DOT, ISO, VIA and JWL. In addition to quality certification, each BimmerPartsWheels.com endures 15 rigorous inspections prior to leaving the factory. Quality control procedures include: underwater crack testing, radial fatigue tire testing, xray evaluation, impact load testing and weight bearing analysis, to name a few. Every BimmerPartsWheels.com Rim is manufactured to the same high quality standards as factory original (OE) wheels. Our dedication to quality produces some of the most safe and reliable rims in the world.