Top Speed Limit Removal

The BMW E46 M3, E60 M5, and the E63 M6 all come from the factory with a top speed limiter. For most models this will be at 146mph or 155mph.  If you are looking to go as fast as your BMW was designed to go, our top speed limiter removal module for your BMW will do the trick. Designed specifically to work with your BMW - these are undetectable by the BMW dealership. Top Speed limit removal modules are not meant to be used on the street, these top speed limiter removal kits for BMW's are specifically designed to be used off road. Would you like to get your E63 M6 to 197MPH? You will need one of our Top Speed limit removal kits to get all the power you originally paid for.  The only person who should be limiting your top speed potential is yourself and that is why when you partner with our staff, we can guarantee that if your vehicle is capable of going a certain speed - it will! 

BMW's M models were designed to instill the passion for speed deep within your driving soul.  Truly enjoy your M models and make track day or a drive to work more enjoyable than ever. 

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Top Speed Limiter Removal Kit for BMW - E46 M3, E60 M5, E63 M6

Top Speed Limiter Removal Kit for BMW - E46 M3, E60 M5, E63 M6

Hit 197MPH per hour! This module will allow your BMW to hit it's intended top speed. This product will totally remove any restrictions...

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