E88 Replacement Right Tail light 08-11


A brand new replacement right side passenger tail light for your 2008-2011 1-Series coupe. Replace your broken, cracked, or yellowed tail light with this perfect fitting replacement. The fit and finish is wonderful! It will greatly renew the look of your coupe! 

  • Type: Replacement Tail light
  • Replaces part number 63217285642 
  • Color: Factory
  • Lens: Plastic
  • Bulbs Included: No
  • Bulb Specifications: Reuse stock bulbs & bulb tray.
  • Retails at over 349.99, get it now for less!
  • Perfect replacement for your stock taillight! Give your vehicle an updated, like-new look!
  • Reuse stock bulb tray = Plug & Play!