Electric Super Charger for BMW


This is a custom BMW electric supercharger designed to work with the following vehicles:

  • E36 3 series
  • E46 3 series
  • E34 5 series
  • E39 5 series
  • E90 3 series
  • E30 3 series
  • E38 7 series
  • X5 and X3 models
  • Z3 and Z4

Can be installed on any BMW with single intake. If your BMW has dual intakes, you would need two of these superchargers. Installation time is usually within 1 hour.  No serious modification required and can be reverted back to stock within 1 hour.


At full throttle, the Electric supercharger automatically activates to produce 2.5 psi additional air-pressure to the engine intake. This additional air-pressure results in greater air density reaching the engine. The mild level of boost from the supercharger is measured by the engine management sensors, and the car's computer (ECU) increases the delivery of fuel to keep the air-fuel ratio at optimum levels.

Gain up to 30hp on your BMW

BMW electric supercharger


  • Model: 3 series 5 series 7 series