White LED Interior x 18 Bulb Kit


White LED Interior x 18 Bulb Kit

For your interior lights commonly consist of dome lights, vanity mirror light, footwell light, glove box light, door step lights, courtesy lights, trunk light....etc  Not all of the cars have all of listed lights, we will supply to the locations wherever are equipped originally in your car. 

* Since cars have different configurations (coupe, sedan, wagon, convertible...etc) and car makers tend to do small changes between years on the same model; we supply the bulb quantity and size based on the best knowledge that we currently have.  Please note that we include the bulb quantity of what we advertised in the ad, no more or less.  So, you will have almost all of the replacement bulbs if not all for your car.  But we do not guarantee that they will be all of them.  When you bid, it means that you have read and understood and agreed with the terms listed here.  We will not be supplying more bulbs than the quantity that we advertised.

* We all know that the LED is the BIGGEST technology to the automotive industries that came out after the breakthrough on the Xenon HID headlights in the mid-90s (although the LED technology has been around for decades).  After some major breakthrough in the LED technology recently, we finally see LEDs being used on automotives.  But Only used on the High-End Luxury and Sports cars/trunks.  It beats the ordinary incandescent lights (or so called xenon interior bluish output bulbs) in EVERY ways!

* LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.  An LED is a solid state device that converts electric energy directly into monochromatic (single color) light.

* LEDs employ “cold” light, which means that most of the energy delivered is in the visible spectrum.  LED’s waste little energy in the form of heat.  In comparison, most of the energy in an incandescent light source is in the infrared (non-visible) portion of the spectrum that results in a lot of heat.  So, in other words, LEDs are much more energy efficient.

* LEDs have ultra long life.

* LEDs are much brighter than the ordinary incandescent light.

* LEDs deliver monochromatic (single color) light, unlike the ordinary incandescent lights which can not create pure white.

* LEDs are small in size, resistant to vibration & shock, have a very fast “on-time” (less than 1 millisecond compared to 250 milliseconds for incandescent), have good color resolution, and present low or no shock hazard.

* (All Bulb Sizes are based for US and Canadian Spec cars).  Easy Installation, please note that if a LED is installed the wrong way in, the LED won't light up, just switch to the other way and it will work perfectly.

* There maybe some cases when the stock bulbs are either a few mm longer or shorter than the bulbs we provide, but they will fit good regardless.  And it may also be required to bend the pins that hold the bulbs in place.  It's an easy task and the procedure can easily be reversed so you can fit your stock bulbs if you choose to.

* Please check the PHOTOS and read the DESCRIPTION prior to buy, what you see is what you will get.