Headlights for your car can be the most immediately apparent safety and style upgrade you can invest in.  Your outdated and unsafe Halogen technology with its dim and yellow light is not just bad for your vehicle but also stressful on the eyes due to the unnatural color of the technology.  With Xenon or HID technology, light reproduction becomes the natural whiter sunlight equivalent that our eyes are able to better handle.  This relieves stress on extended night trips, allows for easier spotting of pedestrians and animals in the road, makes you easier to see from other driver’s perspectives, and allows for better vision and clarity overall.  

If your BMW headlights did not come with Angel eye or Halo ring technology, we have a set of headlights for your Bimmer that will do that same purpose.  These distinctive Angel eye rings around your headlights state unmistakable BMW models.  If your vehicle is an older model that was not offered with this option, you now have the freedom to be able to not only add the Halo rings with a set of aftermarket headlights for your BMW, but also make your Halo rings be as much as 5x brighter than the stock ones found on most BMW trucks and cars.  This is possible through LED technology on the newest set of headlight technology for your Bimmer.  LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and allows for a much brighter light output than what is even available from Xenon or HID applications, let alone a standard Halogen bulb.  Some might also just have a damaged set of headlights on their BMW that needs replacing and that’s where our best in the business staff comes in to present you with a replacement set that comes with the exact same wiring harness in the vast majority of BMW models ensuring a clean and OEM installation.  No matter what you are looking for in your search for the best projector , Xenon, LED, Angel Eye or direct aftermarket replacement headlights for your BMW, rest assured knowing you have a partner that is just as committed as you are in getting the best possible lighting replacements for your Bimmer!