Z3 M Brembo Discs, Akebono Pads, Sensors, Grease


This Brembo Sport Kit from Bimmerpartshweels.com is one of the single best performance upgrades you can acquire for your BMW Z3 M 97-02.  In staying with Bimmerpartswheels.com's striving for excellence in everything we deal with, we present one of the highest performaning brake systems for BMW Z3 M.


This is Bimmerpartswheels.com's Ultra High Performance Brake System.  It is a braking system consisting of an integral disc featured in drilled, and a complete set of high performance brake pads.
The Brembo Sport discs are premium OEM replacement units that meet or exceed all vehicle manufacturers specifications and tolerances. They are fully compatible with stock calipers wheels and other chassis components, easily mounting onto the vehicle. The brake discs are built in high carbon cast iron and they are available either drilled or slotted. The brake discs are then plated for corrosion resistance and for a bold, aggressive appearance.  ABE Approval. HIGH CARBON CAST IRON DISCS. High carbon cast iron guarantees top performances and less noise due to a higher damping coefficent. Most of the SPORT line is composed of discs with ABE approval granted by the German Ministry of Transport on certification. This is because Brembo actually develops and manufactures its entire range of brake discs in its own factories at very high quality standards ensured by stringent checks on the whole production process.


  • Faster Heat Dissipation (cooler and cleaner pad is a better stopping pad)
  • Attractive Gold anti-corrosive finish
  • High Carbon insures lower noise and higher comfort due to its increased dampening properties
  • Drilled pattern looks great on all four wheels




    The new EURO line from Bimmerpartswheels.com  delivers improved stopping power combined with unprecedented Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) control, extended pad and rotor life and noticeable reduction of brake dust on todays open wheel designs.Based on formulations developed in Akebonos OE European facility, Akebono EURO disc brake pads will deliver improved stopping power and include OE-type electronic wear sensors, where applicable. The resulting design eliminates pedal pulsation, delivers definitive NVH control and extends the pad and rotor life – significantly lowering cumulative brake service cost.Additionally, Akebono EURO disc brake pads also feature an OE-type black powdered paint coating for corrosion resistance and will be skin-packed for a high-end, professional appearance.

    Includes the following items:


    Front GENUINE Brembo Sport Drilled Disc Set

    Rear GENUINE Brembo Sport Drilled Disc Set

    Front Akebono EURO Ultra Premium Pads

    Rear Akenono EURO Ultra Premium Pads

    Front Brake Pad Wear Sensor

    Rear Brake Pad Wear Sensor

    Brake Pad Slide Lube Grease


    Many companies buy the Brembo blanks and drill them theirselves. Bimmerpartswheels.com ensures that this brake product is GENUINE BREMBO and GENUINE AKEBONO


Major Applications:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year Range
  • BMW
  • Z3
  • 1997 - 2002