E36 318 Front and Rear Slotted Drilled Brakes Rotors and Pads


Overhaul your brakes with BPWs complete 318 brake kit.  This kit is 100% complete and includes 4 brakes rotors, front and rear ceramic pads, as well as front and rear brake wear sensors!

Our value can not be beat.  Our brake kit are manufactured in a ISO9000 certified factory to ensure you get the highest quality parts possible.

Product Description:



BMW E36 318i 318is Manufactured Between 11/1991 - 1998 (These Are 5 Lug Rotors)
  • Dynamometer tested using SAEJ2430 requirements for safe and fade resistant braking
  • Flame scorching of the pad surface to improve green (Pre-Burnish) pad bite
  • Ceramic pads are 100% non-ferrous so there is no steel & iron in the pad that cause annoying brake squeal
  •  Low dust formulation
  • All pads come with a constrained layer steel shim with two active rubber layers to silence brake noise
  • Positive mold hot pressing to eliminate soft spots inside the pad
  • Powerstop is a leading supplier of performance brake parts since 1997 
  • Castings are made using SAEJ431 metallurgy from ISO9000 registered foundries
  • Large drill holes reduce stress risers
  • Holes are engineered for optimum cooling to prevent rotor warping
  • Zinc-dichromate plating resists rust for years and provides much better protection than painted rotors
  • Precision machined using state of the art CNC machine for perfect fit and balance
  • Custom chamfered holes to prevent rotor cracking
Cross-drilled rotors can improve stopping power up to 35% over stock rotors as reported in SAE Technical Paper 2006-01-0691 "The effect of Rotor Cross drilling on Brake Performance" by two GM engineers.  That's why Corvette, Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW vehicles come factory direct with drilled brake rotors, i.e. not dimpled or slotted.  The fact is that the drill holes greatly improve convection heat transfer and the result is more pad bite.  The report also states that "it is possible to have too many holes; in which case too much cooling air would be lost before reaching the hottest part of the rotor".  Kinetic rotors are designed for optimum rotor cooling and durability with one cooling hole per vane.  This also provides superior strength to avoid cracking.
High rotor temperature can cause heat spots to form on the rotor, and this causes pulsating brakes. Cross-drilled rotors keep the brakes up a 150 degrees cooler to prevent rotor warping.
Most OE vehicles come with ceramic pads.  Power Stop’s Evolution pads are the perfect replacement for serious street performance.  All pads are made using positive mold technology for quiet, consistent braking.  Pads are chamfered and slotted like the OE, and come with dual layer rubber shims.

Major Applications:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year Range
  • BMW
  • 3-Series 4DR
  • 1992 - 1998
  • BMW
  • 3-Series 2DR
  • 1992 - 1999
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