E36 323/328/M3 i/is/ic 1996-1999


Air Intake System Cold Air System CAI BMW E36 323/328/M3 i/is/ic 1996-1999 MODELS


Cosmo Racing Air Intake System increase your car's performance by providing cooler, denser air to the engine. Give your car a boost!

Designed for street and track use, the aerodynamic piping and non-restrictive air filter allow maximum air flow into the engine without compromising air filtering.

Our air intake systems are designed as direct replacement for the stock system for easy DIY installation and comes complete with all necessary hardware. Step-by-step instructions are available for selected car models.



from our Short Ram Intake System? The Cold Air Intake extends all the way down to the fender well and behind the bumper to replace hot air from the engine with cold air entering through the stock manifold system. Power normally restricted by the stock molded rubber intake system is released by allowing maximum airflow through the throttle body to increase power and throttle response.

from our competitors? Our mandrel bent intake pipes are especially designed for aerodynamics and constant radius to provide maximum and consistent airflow. Our air filters are made of cloth/aluminum, making it much less restrictive than the cotton, or compressed paper used by other brands. Direct bolt on for easy installation ?you will be supplied with all necessary hardware, step-by-step installation instruction sheet*, and personal assistance from our tech support to guide you through any problems!

Note: Installation for the Cold Air Intake System is slightly more difficult than the Short Ram Intake System ?professional installation is recommended for those with no mechanical knowledge. *Instruction sheet might not be available for some models, please check the instruction availability on each product info. **Some models intake installation involve with cutting and modifications.

COSMO Cold air Intake System = 7 HP + (Stock) COSMO Racing Cold Air Intake System stops sucking hot air from high heat engine compartment and allowing cold air enter through the stock manifold system. By removing the stock molded rubber intake system and adding the quality mandrel bent intake piping with a constant radius, maximum airflow through the throttle body is reached. The extreme cold air and maximum airflow result in better throttle response and more horsepower. Direct bolts on with out any modification!! Professional installation highly recommended for this intake system, instruction sheet included.

Major Applications:

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  • BMW
  • 3-Series 4DR
  • 1992 - 1998
  • BMW
  • 3-Series 2DR
  • 1992 - 1999