Air Intake

Looking for a air intake for BMW? With our large selection of Air Intakes for BMW, you are sure to find a air intake that will work for your chassis and engine. Our air intakes for BMW work by allowing colder denser air to enter your engine. By having the colder denser air, the air/fuel ratio will be optimized for power. Your Bimmer will also emit a throaty growl that will make you smile from ear to ear. The filters on cold air intakes also last much longer, enabling you to keep maintenance at check. Your 3 Series will beg you for a cold air intake once you drive it around, it wants more power! Our intakes for the E34, E39, and E60 are designed especially so that the engine can gain maximum horsepower from the modification. Our intakes for the E30, E36, E34, E90, E92, E39, E60, E65 are designed to make your Bimmer perform to the best of its ability. Our air intake for BMW is a must on any BMW. The power felt is awesome! Upgrade your factory air box with a intake, and you'll notice better power, sound, and enjoyment from your BMW!