Trim Exterior

The exterior of the BMW is built with a huge number of trim accessories. All of them need to be replaced  when they get damaged or worn out. We have the most extensive collection of BMW exterior trims that are made from the highest quality materials to ensure durability and the best matching finishes to the original texture of your car’s exteriors. Our long list of trims includes Chrome Headlight Trim, Carbon Fiber Eyelids-Eyebrows, Carbon Fiber Pillar, Black Carbon Fiber Door Pillar Plate, Chrome Inner Door Handle Openers, Hood Eyelid Eyebrow Mean Grill Spoiler Lip, Carbon Fiber Door Pillars and a host of other accessories that are part of the exterior components of your car. Carbon Fiber, Chorme, Plastic, Silver FIber, and titanium.  All of these materials can be found under our BMW trim Exterior section.  Listen, no else carries the amount of BMW exterior trim items as BimmerPartsWheels and for a reason.  They can not compete with us.  We carry eyelids, chrome headlight and taillight surronds, Fog light bumper ducts, and carbon fiber door pillar plates.  SImply put, we have the trim for your car and at the best price.

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